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Project MonGOS “Monitoring of water and sewage management in the context of the implementation of the circular economy assumptions“ is realised in 2020-2022 thanks to support the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange (NAWA) under the International Academic Partnerships Programme.

More about MonGOS project on the project WebPage: https://mon-gos.eu/
  • Abstract submission deadline: 15 May 2022
  • Sending presentations and posters (PowerPoint) deadline: 15 June 2022
  • Registration deadline: 15 June 2022
  • Conference date: 30 June - 1 July 2022

Venue - Water Treatment Plant Bielany Krakow Waterworks

Księcia Józefa 299 str., 30-243 Krakow, Poland

Participation in the Conference is free of charge for both presenters and participants (the organizers do not cover the costs of travel and accommodation). 

The number of places is limited

The papers can be presented in oral and poster sessions. The Scientific Committee holds a right to change the form of presentation submitted by the Authors. Both posters and oral presentations should be prepared in English or Polish. The presentation requirements are as follows:

  • Oral presentation – 10 minutes (8 minutes presentation, 2 minutes discussion)
  • Poster presentation - 2 minutes

Questions will be asked to individual Authors immediately after their presentation (oral and poster).

Thematic Areas of the Conference are related to the water and sewage sector:

  • Water
  • Sewage Sludge (SS)
  • Sewage Sludge Ashes (SSA)
  • Water and sewage treatment
  • Circular Economy (CE) in water and sewage sector
  • Climate change impacts on water resource
  • Sustainable Development (SD)
  • Management and use of water resources
  • Management and use of sewage sludge
  • Water reuse & water recycling
  • Sewage sludge prevention & treatment
  • Monitoring & assessment of water resources
  • Water and sewage treatment technologies
  • The current state of water and sewage management in different countries
  • Energy recovery
  • Nutrients recovery

The presenting Author receives a Certificate of Presentation.