Kaunas University of Technology
Project partner

Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) was founded in 1922. It is the oldest and largest university with a technical profile in Lithuania, also remaining one of the larger scientific institutions in the Baltic region. Currently, about 10 thousand students study at the university. students, including 10% from abroad. The research staff is about 1 thousand. scientists. The mission of the University is to deliver collaborative research at the international level; develop and transfer knowledge and innovative technologies for the sustainable development of the state and the development of innovation; creating an open creative environment that inspires talents and leaders. The vision of the University - a leading European university, whose activities are based on the development and transfer of knowledge and technology. Out of concern for the natural environment and the social aspect, KTU places great emphasis on activities that comply with the principles of sustainable development. In particular, the University conducts work aimed at developing new technologies for sustainable development and energy, as well as activities related to sustainable social and cultural development. These works are carried out within 5 priority axes, which constitute the KTU research and development work program.