Tallinn University of Technology
Project partner

Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech) was founded in 1918 and is the only university with a technical profile in Estonia. The activity of the unit is involved in highly advanced research and development works, covering a wide spectrum of engineering, technical and economic sciences. At the international level, TalTech puts the main emphasis on joint development of curricula, exchange and establishing foreign cooperation both between students and academic staff, implementation of joint research and development projects and others. The university's research agenda is focused on creating synergies between the natural, health, engineering, social and economic sciences and industry and society. It leads the University to carry out both basic and applied research at the international level, thus meeting the growing demand for the implementation of new innovative solutions, products and technologies. The Water and Environmental Engineering (WEE) research group is an organizational unit of TalTech that conducts research on processes related to the monitoring of surface water quality, municipal and industrial wastewater treatment as well as aspects relating to changes in water management due to climate change. WEE also conducts research related to the implementation of sustainable solutions in the waste management sector, using modern methods for this purpose, including the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) technique. In this context, particular attention is paid to the processes of anaerobic digestion and composting of biodegradable waste, including waste from sewage treatment plants such as sewage sludge. WEE's good laboratory facilities allow for efficient measurement of physicochemical parameters of water, sewage and leachate from landfills. It is of great importance that the conducted analyzes are accredited, which guarantees their quality and measurement precision.