Stowarzyszenie Eksploatatorów Obiektów Gospodarki Wodno-Ściekowej

Stowarzyszenie Eksploatatorów Obiektów Gospodarki Wodno-Ściekowej started its activity in 1998. The statutory objectives of the Association include the implementation of modern solutions in the field of environmental protection, promoting the principles of sustainable development, shaping a professional image of sewage treatment plant operators and helping members of the association in improving qualifications professional. The main area of our activity is the broadly understood exchange of experiences between operators. It includes help in solving everyday problems and problems related to the operation of sewage treatment plants and facilitating mutual contacts and exchange of information. For this purpose, is organized a unique, interactive, Polish National Forum for the Exchange of Experience in the Field of Sewage Treatment. The conference entitled "Operators for Operators" has been organized since 2001, always in spring and each time in a different place in the country. Mutual exchange of experiences and assistance in solving operational challenges is the priority of this unique event, which cannot be compared with any other conference. In addition to the lectures in the plenary hall, each time is visited one of the treatment plants to learn about the solutions used there. Since 2015, the Association has been offering its members assistance in representing before courts and administrative authorities, as well as in providing answers to formal and legal issues related to the activities of the industry. Another link between the operators is the trade magazine "Forum Eksploatatora", published by the Association since 2000. In addition, technical trips are organized for Ordinary Members every two years. They are an opportunity to learn about technological, operational and organizational solutions in the field of wastewater management used in Europe, thanks to which participants can compare the advancement of facilities development compared to other countries.